Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boat Work for BBQ and Beer

Our latest project to ready the boat for our big trip is new batteries. Mark gathered some guys from work who agreed to work for beer and a good steak BBQ when the job was done. Here are the big strong men lifting the batteries each weighing 115 pounds.

After getting all eight of the new batteries down to the boat and the guys lifting them into the cockpit it was time for their first beer break.

Captain Mark has to disconnect the old ones and remember how to reconnect the new ones pictured here is (as you can see) his carefully drawn out schematic of the connections, ha!

After he disconnects each one the guys pull them out and into the dock cart two at a time and get them to Captain Marks truck for recycling.

The guys form a line lifting the new batteries into the boat and handing them to Mark under the floor of the galley and into their designated place.

As pictured here Captain Mark is trying to read his carefully drawn schematic and figure out how to reconnect the new batteries.

Here is the picture of all the guys trying to figure out how Captain Mark could have misread his carefully drawn schematic and the batteries weren't working.

The problem was solved by all the guys brainstorming and finding a mistake had been made, even after making sure that the carefully drawn instructions for reconnecting the new batteries was followed perfectly. The beer began to flow and the BBQ was delicious!

So here is a close up shot of the stats on the new battery costing us a total of $ is through tears that I realize the cost of these blasted batteries could be my new blinds, new canvas or new teak and holly floors. Oh well!


  1. Ahh that is a beautiful batterie! Almost as beautiful as those blinds you are talking about!

    This story made me giggle for sure!

  2. Looks like a productive day! So when are you leaving, and where are you going on your "big trip"?