Friday, July 30, 2010

Labor of Love

Redemption is looking very happy with its new Davit pulling up the new skiff onto its bow. This Davit has a remote control and is very state of the art. The skiff is a nice hard bottom tender that is so much easier to get into and out of, as we advance in age it will be very appreciated.

And our chain and anchor lying out on the dock with its new markers to mark the depth when we anchor.

OH, and check out the new windlass just installed.

Both the Davit and new Windlass are so quiet and are such a welcome addition to our beloved boat/home. So the bottom line, we have spent lots of money and our worker Chris Buchanan has put in many hours of labor but we love getting her fixed up and ready for our big trip.

We look forward to lots of adventures aboard Redemption and hope that our followers, friends and family will come aboard and enjoy Redemption with us.

-Kay Silva and Captain Mark

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Anacapa Island Dive - July 17th

Our friends joined us about 7am for a quick breakfast of fresh fruit and quiche, juice and coffee. We untied the lines and started on our trip across the channel to Anacapa Island getting through the breakers was rough and quickly sent me down to the galley to put everything on the floor knowing that is where it was going to end up anyway.

The water was so rough and the crossing was very snotty (I think that is the technical nautical term) we pounded and rocked like crazy. Finally arriving at Anacapa Island we hurried to the backside finding a cozy little spot to anchor up for the first dive of the day. It was calm and hard to believe what the sea was like on the front side.


Our guests were
Dorothy Wakamatsu and her daughter Emillia...

Mark Rodgers and his son Blake

Mark Rodgers showing Blake how to open and clean a sea scallop.

I had a fun artsy moment and took this picture during my beer break before the long hard ride back to port.

The ride back to port was even worse than the crossing in the morning the wind was blowing over 20 knots and the waves were hitting us on our port side making Captain Mark have to manhandle is beloved Redemption to keep us on course.

- Kay Silva

Tuesday, July 13, 2010